jKickPortfolio Demo


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The jQuery

<script> // must use window.load as opposed to document.ready, // as window.load fires after all content is loaded $(window).load(function(){ $('ul').jKickPortfolio(); }); </script>


<ul> <li> <h2>Simple</h2> <p>If you know basic HTML, you can use this plugin in your sleep.</p> <img src="img/bird.png" alt="" /> </li> <li> <h2>Clean</h2> <p>Basic HTML elements are all that's required. You can use a list with list elements, …</p> <img src="img/cart.png" alt="" /> </li> <li> <h2>Flexible</h2> <p>All types of HTML content are welcome in your "slides". …</p> <img src="img/globe.png" alt="" /> </li> <li> <h2>Graceful Degradation</h2> <p>You porfolio would have looked good even in the 80's. …</p> <img src="img/network.png" alt="" /> </li> <li> <h2>Limited Mark-up</h2> <p>No classes, id's or other fancy HTML attributes required (we use id="porfolio" only for demo purposes). …</p> <img src="img/laptop.png" alt="" /> </li> </ul>

Requires: jQuery 1.4+

Tested on: IE 7, 8; Firefox 2, 3.6; Safari 3, 5; Chrome 4, 8