I love Firefox, it's been my web developers tool of choice for years. The Web developer's toolbar, firebug, and various other web development tools make very happy when trying to squash a JS bug or CSS issue.

But, since my last upgrade or two, to version 10 or 11 or 500 or whatever it is now, Firefox has made some subtle, yet very annoying changes to the address bar.

  1. The protocol is missing. I like seeing that little http://. Let's give credit to the method in which our HTML files are actually been retrieved!
  2. The forward slash has been stripped from the end of the URL. If you are pretty handy with RewriteRule's, you will drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why http://www.mysite.com will not redirect to http://www.mysite.com/
    Everything is working, but Firefox has decided to strip the forward slash, making you feel like the worst little regex noob.

That's all. Otherwise, keep up the good work Mozilla!


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