If there's one thing your competitor probably isn't doing, when it comes to online tools, it's accepting fractions for numeric input.

For instance, if you have a tool that calculates the square footage of a room, why not allow the user to enter:

Width:  5 3/4
Length: -2 3/8

Using ColdFusion for our example, by running your fields through a loop and detecting the presence of a "/" in the input, we can convert the value to a decimal number for use in our processing script:

<cfloop collection="#url#" item="key">
    <cfif Find("/", url[key])>
        <cfset url[key] = trim(url[key])>
        <cfset frac = ListLast(url[key], " ")>
        <cfif frac eq url[key]><cfset url[key] = 0></cfif>
        <cfif Left(url[key], 1) neq "-">
            <cfset url[key] = Val(url[key]) + Evaluate(frac)>
            <cfset url[key] = Val(url[key]) - Evaluate(frac)>


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