I'm a web developer, far from being considered a photoshop guru. But, I've picked up a few tricks along the way, that might help developers in a pinch, who don't have the time to wait, or money to hire a designer.

"Gold tone" image

Again, being a web developer, I can't even be certain of the terminology, but this method produced a nice, subtle effect for images which originally looked a little out of place.

  1. Create a copy of your image to another layer.
  2. Move this layer below/under your original layer.
  3. Use Image -> Adjustments -> Black & White to convert your new copied layer to black and white.
  4. Back to the original layer, adjust the fill or opacity, revealing the black and white image below just enough to make it look goldish.


Being a photoshop idiot, feathering an image has always proven challenging. The simplest and quickest way I've found is to use the eraser tool, pick a nice big brush, and start hacking away!


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