I have a fondness for Plone, although many developers point to it's SEO unfriendliness as it's primary weakness. Plone does boast SEO friendly URLs, which used to be a strong advantage. But, SEO friendly URLs are pretty much "factory standard" on all CMS these days.

The good news is, you can easily tweak many of Plone's templates to achieve an SEO boost.

  1. Make all document_actions rel="nofollow". These include the "send to a friend", print, full screen, etc. options available on all pages. This presents duplicate content issues for search engines.

    Modify the document_actions view or template to add a rel="nofollow" to anchor tags.

    This is just one example of where the rel="nofollow" attribute should be applied. Plone adds many anchor tags to page which can been seen as completely separate URLs to the search engines. Have a look at your HTML source and add those no follows where you see fit.

  2. Add a title to the image_view_fullscreen template.
  3. Add a RewriteRule to your .htaccess, conf.d, or other server configuration file, to redirect /front-page to /

    RewriteRule /front-page / [R=301]

  4. Limit the length of the site's Title property. The site title will be appended to the end of every Title tag. The ideal Title tag is no longer than 70 characters.
  5. Install the qSEOptimizer product to gain more control of the title and meta tags.

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