The dashboard sports "portlets", or small windows providing summarized information. These portlets range from Google Analytics, to monitoring applications such as Pingdom Status, to Social Networking such as Facebook Like/Share statistics, with many more to come.

To top the list of features offered by each portlet:

  • Time- period based, instead of date-range based
    This may seem insignificant, but it's a huge productivity gain. As a simple example, lets say you wanted to check yesterday's visit count each morning, using Google Analytics. Each time, you would have to set the date range (yesterday to today). With SiteKickr portlets, you specify a time period (Yesterday, Today, Last Week, This Quarter, etc.) only once, and the portlet will always show stats for that time period.
  • Real-time
    Most portlets provide the option update in real-time, without refreshing the page.
  • Moveable and Resizable
    You can move/resize all portlets to arrange your dashboard in any way you please.
  • No More Logins
    Avoid the need to log in to multiple services. SiteKickr will store your credentials securely when necessary, so you never need to log in again!

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