Raise your hand if you often receive Photoshop PSDs and are tasked with turning that PSD into a functional website. My guess is, I'm not the only one.

We all have our favorite coding environments, but I imagine for most developers, it consists of:

  • Dual monitor
  • Code Editor
  • Photoshop
  • Web Browser

This setup is almost perfect, I keep photoshop open in my left monitor, Eclipse (code editor) and web browser open on the right monitor.

It is suboptimal when my web layout exceeds about 700 pixels, as both Eclipse and Photoshop work best with wide layouts.

So, who gets narrowed, Photoshop, or Eclipse? Today, it struck me that neither one has to! All you have to do is leverage your web browsers zoom capability to zoom out!

This allows you to view a normally 1000px wide site within in a 500px wide browser window, when zoomed out to 50%.

I found this to be a much better alternative than figuring out a three-monitor setup.

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